Undergrad Assistant

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OncoMyx is seeking a highly motivated Undergrad Assistant to assist the Lab Manager and Executive Assistant/Office Manager at a fast-growing oncolytic virus company with daily physical and administrative tasks. Additionally, supporting a venture-backed team of biotech executives and scientists who are developing pioneering cancer therapeutics. Seeking to fill a Part-time position.

Role Responsibilities:

Qualified candidates will possess the following skills and experience.

  • Lab Manager Support:
    • Autoclave consumables as needed
    • Fill incubators with water and certify they are in good working conditions and clean
    • Use the washer machine to clean lab glassware
    • Prepare different types of working solutions (TAE, ELISA washing buffer, 10% bleach, etc)
    • Fill spray bottles with 70% Ethanol
    • Restock and responsible for advice when to order consumables in the lab (flasks, well plates, gloves, tips, etc)
    • Receive, organize, and send invoices for processing of orders as they come during the day
    • Work in close contact with the lab manager for any other lab organization needs
    • Collect Biohazard for disposal
  • Executive Assistant/Office Manager support
    • Inventorying, ordering, and replenishing of office and some Lab supplies, break room snacks, and attending to kitchen needs
    • Routine errands such as package and lunch pick-ups at front desk/loading dock, checking mailbox, and others as assigned
    • Update documents, organizing/renaming files, assist with occasional job postings


  • Strong leadership, organization & communication skills
  • Eagerness to learn, but takes initiative and direction well
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, managers, and clients

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Microsoft Office Suite and comfortable using common office technology (Printing/Scanning)
  • Experience working in an office atmosphere, and in a Lab a plus
  • Ability to stand and sit for extended periods of time, and be able to lift to 50 lbs with little or no accommodations

Minimum Required Education and Experience:

  • Currently working toward bachelor’s degree
  • Experience with administrative work


Company is headquartered in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Candidate must reside in the Phoenix area.

Please send CV and cover letter by email to hr@oncomyx.com. No outside recruiters please.