Myxoma virotherapy is designed to expand the effectiveness of immunotherapy.

Our goal is to achieve the greatest therapeutic benefit from immunotherapy for more cancer patients. While certain immunotherapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors, have shown great potential to eliminate cancer, only a small percentage of patients are eligible, of which a subset achieve a durable response. Furthermore, it is difficult to cost-effectively identify which patients will respond. To create an economic and logistical path to broaden the use of immunotherapies, OncoMyx is leveraging the unique advantages of myxoma virus, as an oncolytic immunotherapy, to target mechanisms that are common to a number of cancers. With this pan-tumor approach, our pipeline of myxoma virotherapies are designed to boost the number of cancer patients who could benefit from immunotherapies.


Our pipeline of myxoma virotherapies for the treatment of cancer are specifically engineered to improve the inherent ability of the myxoma virus to selectively target and destroy cancer cells and are ideal for combining with other immunotherapies to improve therapeutic response. Our myxoma virotherapies can be multi-armed to activate multiple steps in the cancer immunity cycle as well as create a precision medicine approach for pan-tumor targeting. We are advancing our multi-armed myxoma virotherapies in combination with checkpoint inhibitors and other immunotherapy approaches. As myxoma virus is one of the few oncolytic immunotherapies that can be delivered intravenously, our myxoma virotherapy is designed to create wider therapeutic and longer dosing windows for a durable response.

OM1 Gastrointestinal tumors GMP & IND enabling studies
IL-12 & Decorin arming in gastrointestinal centric basket trial with dual precision mechanism approach
OM1 Heme: Multiple Myeloma and Myelofibrosis GMP & IND enabling studies
IL-12 & Decorin arming in hematologic tumors to further explore intravenous delivery
OM4 Head and Neck, Lung cancer Development & DC selection studies
Undisclosed armings offers independent immune multi-arming
OM4 Heme: Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Lymphomas Development & DC selection studies
Strongly matches Acute Myeloid Leukemia and some lymphomas
Platform Discovery Engine Flexible and tailored to partner interest Research
Proprietary anti-tumor arming approaches and engagement of leukocytes in further enhanced IV delivery

Four Potential Areas of Clinical Opportunity

IO Sensitive Indications

Increase response in responders

Post IO Indications
Secondary Resistant

Re-sensitize tumors to IO

IO Resistant Tumors

Make cold tumors sensitive to IO

Niche Indications

Rapid path to approval

We’ve identified four potential areas of clinical opportunity for myxoma virotherapies.

  • For immunotherapy sensitive and approved indications where response rates average 10-15%, myxoma virotherapy could expand the percentage of patients who respond. 
  • For patients who initially responded to other immunotherapy approaches but then became resistant, myxoma virotherapy could re-sensitive the tumors to immunotherapy. 
  • For “cold tumors,” which are resistant to other immunotherapy approaches, myxoma virotherapy could sensitize those tumors to immunotherapy.
  • Finally, we could personalize our myxoma virotherapies for niche indications, which could provide a rapid path to approval.