OncoMyx to Present at the Chardan Virtual 4th Annual Genetic Medicines Conference

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PHOENIX, October 5, 2020OncoMyx Therapeutics, a privately-held oncolytic immunotherapy company, announced that members of its senior management team will provide a company update today at 2:30 pm ET and host investor meetings at the Chardan Virtual 4th Annual Genetic Medicines Conference.  The conference is taking place virtually October 5th and 6th.

“We are leveraging the unique advantages of myxoma virus to target mechanisms that are common to a number of cancers,” said Steve Potts, Ph.D., MBA, founder and chief executive officer of OncoMyx. “With this pan-tumor approach, we are advancing a best-in-class pipeline of systemically-administered myxoma virotherapies in combination with checkpoint inhibitors and other immuno-oncology approaches that could boost the number of patients who could benefit from immunotherapies.”

OncoMyx was founded on breakthrough research demonstrating the myxoma virus is highly immuno-interactive and can selectively infect and kill a broad range of cancer cell types. As a virus that is nonpathogenic to humans, myxoma does not have to overcome pre-existing immunity. With a large genome, myxoma is ideal for multi-arming, creating a precision medicine approach with a unique oncolytic virus that can activate the cancer immunity cycle and expand the therapeutic effectiveness of immunotherapies.

About the Chardan Virtual 4th Annual Genetic Medicines Conference

The conference will have presentations from more than 70 public and private companies who are leading the way in the genetic medicines space. The conference will feature presentations, fireside chats, panels, Q&A and 1×1’s. To learn more about the conference and the confirmed presenting companies, please contact CorpAccess@Chardan.com.

About OncoMyx Therapeutics OncoMyx Therapeutics develops oncolytic immunotherapies based on the myxoma virus (MYXV) platform to orchestrate an immune response to better treat cancer. Successful immuno-oncology (IO) cancer treatment generally requires combination therapy, and oncolytic viruses (OVs) have emerged as a safe and effective IO complement. The company’s MYXV platform, exclusively licensed from Arizona State University, is poised to be a best-in-class OV approach, and the top OV team has assembled around MYXV to create important new therapeutic options for cancer patients