OncoMyx Presents New Data at AACR 2022 Demonstrating Multi-Armed Myxoma Virus Coordinates Tumor-Killing by Activating Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses

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PHOENIX–OncoMyx Therapeutics, a privately-held oncolytic virus immunotherapy company, today announced the presentation of new preclinical data at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2022 being held April 8-13. The data presented at AACR 2022 demonstrate that OncoMyx’s myxoma virus multi-armed with IL-12 and decorin infects and kills human multiple myeloma cells in vitro and demonstrates dose responsive efficacy after intravenous (IV) administration in a mouse model of multiple myeloma.

“These data demonstrate that OncoMyx’s multi-armed myxoma virus works via direct oncolytic activity as well as immunomodulation of both the innate and adaptive immune response, including T cells and natural killer (NK) cells,” said Leslie L. Sharp, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of OncoMyx. “As we look toward the clinic, we have generated a substantial amount of data on the safety and efficacy of our multi-armed myxoma virus and look forward to moving into GMP manufacturing and IND-enabling activities.”

“OncoMyx’s myxoma virus is the first large, multi-armed oncolytic virus to demonstrate efficacy in preclinical models of multiple myeloma,” said Steve Potts, Ph.D., MBA, cofounder and CEO of OncoMyx. “We continue to demonstrate the differentiated efficacy and immunomodulatory properties of OncoMyx’s multi-armed myxoma virus and its potential to be effective across a broad range of cancers, from hematological malignancies to solid tumors.”

Substantial published research demonstrates that the myxoma virus naturally and selectively replicates in human tumor cells, infects and kills multiple myeloma cells, and stimulates the immune system. Furthermore, the large size of the myxoma genome allows for the insertion of multiple genes to arm the virus with immune modulators that can orchestrate the cancer-immunity cycle for optimal viral-mediated cancer-killing activity. OncoMyx has multi-armed myxoma virus to carry IL-12, an immune modulator, and decorin, which can affect tumor cell intrinsic signaling and microenvironment modulation.

The poster (abstract #5618) titled, “Multi-armed myxoma virus has therapeutic potential for treatment of multiple myeloma,” will be available on the AACR Annual Meeting 2022 website for registered attendees to view from Friday, April 8 through Wednesday, July 13. The poster will also be available on OncoMyx’s website.

​​About OncoMyx’s Myxoma Immunotherapy Platform

OncoMyx’s multi-armed myxoma virus delivers multiple antitumor immunomodulatory proteins that target critical points in the cancer immunity cycle to modulate the tumor microenvironment and stimulate a robust anti-tumor response. Myxoma is a natural oncolytic virus, selectively infecting and killing a wide range of cancer cell types. It is also inherently highly immuno-interactive, and as a large dsDNA poxvirus, can be engineered to express multiple payloads to treat cancer. Because myxoma is not pathogenic to humans, there is no pre-existing immunity, making it highly amenable to intravenous and repeat dosing.

About OncoMyx Therapeutics

OncoMyx Therapeutics is advancing multi-armed, systemic immunotherapies with the potential to be broadly effective in treating solid tumors and heme cancers. Successful immuno-oncology cancer treatment generally requires combination therapy, and OncoMyx’s myxoma platform is designed to deliver multiple cancer-killing payloads in one therapeutic and orchestrate an immune response capable of treating a wide range of cancers. OncoMyx has assembled a top immuno-oncology team to develop next generation immunotherapies that can have the greatest therapeutic benefit for more cancer patients. The company’s myxoma virus platform is poised to be a best-in-class oncolytic virus approach and was developed based on breakthrough research from Dr. Grant McFadden’s lab that was exclusively licensed from Arizona State University.


Company Contact: Robert Williamson, Chief Business and Financial Officer, OncoMyx Therapeutics, Inc., bd@oncomyx.com
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