Scientific Advisory Board

Grant McFadden, PhD


Grant McFadden, PhD is founder, research advisor, and director at OncoMyx. He is one of the top global leaders in oncolytic viruses with a specialization in poxviruses, including myxoma. The McFadden lab pioneered the field of viral immune subversion (also called “anti-immunology”) and is credited with the discovery of a wide spectrum of virus-derived inhibitors of the immune system.


Tobias Bald, PhD


Tobias Bald, PhD is the Head of the Oncology and Cellular Immunology Laboratory at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. He is a leading expert in tumor immunology with a strong focus on the role of the innate immune system during tumor development, progression and cancer immunotherapy.


Neil Gibson, PhD


Neil Gibson, PhD is President and CEO of PDI Therapeutics and Senior Vice President of COI Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Gibson has more than 30 years of drug development experience and has been involved in the successful discovery, development, and commercialization of four approved oncology drugs (including temozolomide, sorafenib, erlotnib, and crizotinib). Dr Gibson’s extensive oncology experience includes being CSO of Pfizer Oncology Research Unit, CSO of Regulus Therapeutics, and CSO of OSI Pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Gibson also serves on the board of TCR2, a new public company focused on T-cell therapies.


Ronan O’Hagan, PhD


Ronan O’Hagan, PhD is Senior Vice President of Research and Translational Sciences at Xilio Therapeutics. Prior to Xilio, Ronan served as Executive Director, Oncology Discovery at Merck Research Laboratories. In this role he led the oncology discovery program at Merck with a particular emphasis on approaches to enable and enhance immune-modulatory therapies in cancer. Earlier at Merck, he led target identification and validation for oncology and generated an early-discovery pipeline including both biologics and small-molecule programs. He has helped to bring multiple small-molecule and biologics programs into clinical development during his time in industry. His academic career included undergraduate and graduate work in Canada followed by post-doctoral work at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI). In Dr. Ron DePinho’s laboratory at DFCI, he focused on genetically engineered mouse models of cancer and novel approaches to target discovery.


Dominic Spinella, PhD


Dominic Spinella, PhD has over 25 years of experience in drug research and development and the discipline of Translational Medicine. He has been an executive leader at Chugai Biopharmaceuticals USA, where he was Vice President of Exploratory Research; at Pfizer where he served as head of Translational Medicine for the Oncology division; and at Amgen where he was Executive Director of Medical Sciences and head of Biomarkers and Diagnostics. A former professor of Medicine and Immunology at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine and Howard Hughes postdoctoral fellow at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, he also served on several national and international cancer biomarker development bodies.