About OncoMyx

Do Our Best.

We want to make cancer immunotherapy and targeted treatments help more patients.

Cancer treatments are conveyed in terms of percentage of patients that may receive a beneficial response. We know that for people who are fighting cancer, it only matters if it will work for them. Immunotherapies and targeted therapies can generate durable responses but only in 5-15% of cancer patients who are eligible for these treatments.

Combination therapies are the path to the successful treatment of cancer. Our goal at OncoMyx is to advance new oncolytic immunotherapies that improve the effectiveness of these therapies and expand their ability to help more cancer patients.

OncoMyx was founded on breakthrough research demonstrating the myxoma virus is highly immuno-interactive and can selectively infect and kill a broad range of cancer cell types. As a virus that is nonpathogenic to humans, myxoma does not have to overcome pre-existing immunity. With a large genome, myxoma is ideal for multi-arming, creating a precision medicine approach with a unique oncolytic virus that activates the cancer immunity cycle and expands the therapeutic effectiveness of immunotherapies.

To advance the next generation of oncolytic immunotherapies we have assembled the top team with decades of experience in developing targeted cancer treatments, immunotherapies, and virotherapies. The OncoMyx team has extensive experience in advancing novel cancer therapies through clinical development and has successfully brought new drugs to market. Our investors and board of directors are industry leaders with strong track records in drug development, and Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund (BIVF) brings their previous and successful experience investing in oncolytic viruses to the board of directors. Our scientific advisory board is composed of experts in tumor immunology, oncolytic viruses, and oncology drug discovery and development.