Better Together

We are developing oncolytic immunotherapies with the goal of achieving the greatest therapeutic benefit for more cancer patients.

Our myxoma platform is designed for best-in-class oncolytic immunotherapies.




Systemic Delivery


Nonhuman Virus



As a large dsDNA pox virus, myxoma is engineerable to express multiple targeted payloads, such as immunomodulatory proteins.

Cancer is a variable disease with different genetic mutations and expressed proteins that changes with time and under treatment pressure. 

Immunotherapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors, enable a patient’s immune system to attack cancer but have only been effective for a small percentage of patients. 

Certain viruses, such as the myxoma virus, can inherently and selectively kill cancer cells as well as stimulate the immune system.

Combining different immunotherapy approaches with our multi-armed myxoma virotherapies could provide more effective and consistent therapeutic responses in a wide range of cancers.